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I got eight chapters into this book in one sitting so it clearly has some fascinating material. Martin Lindstrom has completed the largest Neuromarketing study ever conducted and shares some very common sense refuting findings. In between sharing results of some futuristic-seeming brain scanning methods used, he speaks about  many different global trends in advertising & marketing that multinationals got right, or horribly wrong.

Its interesting to see how things we naturally consider to be the truth couldn’t be further removed from it. One such example, banning of tobacco ads and government mandated warnings on tobacco product labels around the world–ranging from bold black letters to images of cancerous organs and body parts. Common sense deterrents right? Or did ad banning and subsequent warning labels actually increase the efficacy of “suggestive” product placement in media, thus, compounding the problem it set out to fix? More later, but for now you can check out Martin’s website by clicking–>here<–.