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Why do we live in a world where only few enjoy the pleasure of making their passions their work and, in turn, having their work make them rich?
Why can’t we all do this? It honestly makes no sense to me. So you have to make a living, should it be so hard for you to do so doing something you love?
Should you be forced to do something your 8 year old self would slap you in the face for doing just so you can feed yourself and put a roof over your head?
What madness is this!?
And what are we going to do about it?
It drives me nuts just thinking about it sometimes.
About how our “contributions” to society are solely founded in some set of values that are rarely acknowledged, much less challenged, by those that it governs.
Has anyone given serious thought to how they would conduct their lives if they no longer had to pay bills? No more rent or mortgage payments to violate your checking account; no more car notes towards a constantly devaluing vehicle; no more just-in-case insurance; no more get me home $5 gas stops; no more coupon-ing for groceries; and no more fluctuating cell phone rates to be confused by.
If you have to put it into a scenario, imagine you win the Lottery today and the jackpot is all your bills paid for the rest of your life!
Now the only thing you have to worry about is what to do with yourself.
After all, you still need money for different leisure activities; movies, books, partying, travel etc.
However, now that the pressure of survival is off of your back would the value of your time increase or decrease?
Would you still be spending it at your current place of employ?
The likely answer for most is a resounding “Fuck No”.
If you fall into the category of most, then help me find a way for us to find our passions together and to thrive throughout the rest of our existence.
I hate to be one of those people that bitch and moan about things without coming up with valuable input but I had to get it off of my chest.

(Side Note: The closest thing I’ve come across to a feasible perfect global society that operates “bill free” & passion full is The Venus Project. If you haven’t heard of it, check out the site and watch the video on the homepage when your done reading this post!)

Plus, I only have two people currently following my blog, whom I doubt will read this anyway, so there probably won’t be any complaints.
This may end up being less of a call to action than it is a cathartic exercise of the mind. Lol
In any case, ventilation is good for the soul.
I do hope this turns into something more so….on the off chance that you’ve tripped, fell down some stairs and somehow landed on this post, please let me know in the comments what you’d do if YOU won that lottery ticket.