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Soooo all politics aside, does anyone else find it funny how infallible dictators always claim to be? I genuinely wonder if when sitting on the toilet in the bathroom, completely alone, if they really believe the shit that comes out of their mouths. Because there are only few things that I find funnier. Especially when these dictators are outright with it. In fact, for me, the level of humor rises proportionately with their self-accredited degrees of deity-ness. Seriously. The words do not yet exist in the English language for me to accurately articulate the manner in which I laughed when reading the words in this picture and imagining what the following pages might say. To be honest, I don’t think they ever will…

Kim Jong IL

The only way to express the humor I experienced would be through some form of situational onomatopoeia. (Did Netty just invent a new word category….I think he did.) In reality I think the German language (and probably others) already has words to express situations…but I’m going to ignore that for now and cling to my self-proclaimed 15-minutes of WordPress fame. I hope you enjoyed it.